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BDSM-related music: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

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This is the first post regarding music which without question sends its listeners straight into the BDSM world, be it by suggestive lyrics, themes or simply by creating a specific mood. Enjoy!

ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO (ORE, in short) is a neofolk – apocalyptic folk band based in Stockholm formed out of Tomas Pettersson and Rose-Marie Larsen, accompanied by various other musicians for live performances. Their style is impossible to confuse with some other bands’, as eroticism springs out of both their lyrics and instrumental parts.  Although they don’t necessarily deal with BDSM in general, their themes revolve around catholic and religious symbolism, politics, war, occultism and sexuality.

Up to now, they have visited Romania twice and will return on the 5th of November, probably for the launching of their new album ” Songs 4 hate and devotion”.

Now, to the songs that have caught my eye! 🙂

Mistress of the Hourglass Figure

My loved doll, in rubber thong
You know to whom, you do belong
Your garters hold, your stocking strains
Tender love, within restraint
Tightened strings, crown your back
6-inch heels, enhance your feet
Seductress who, belongs to me

Naked Things, detained in lace
I show you love, I show you grace
Nipples firm, but in disguise
Fastened garters, dress your thighs
A corset holds, your body lush
With lustful bonds, of sanctioned trust
In stockings, you emerge to me
My loved doll, in 6-inch heels

Now, how much more explicit can they be?  “Mistress” strikes you from the very title, then they mention “rubber thongs” (and we all know that is a common fetish) ; the term “restraints” sends ones’ thoughts straight to bondage. They mention still some common fetish articles : corsets, extremely high heels, lace, stockings, garters etc… And what strikes me most, the suggested idea of possession, of a Master and a submissive female.

Safe, Sane and Consensual

And yet another suggestive title, with the well-known BDSM motto: Safe, Sane and Consensual. I hope you who are reading this know what SSC refers to! If not, proceed to Google and find out! It’s a must!

The song is actually an instrumental one. The music is seductive and peaceful, but you can hear the sound of the whip and of a whipping throughout the song. From time to time, a woman’s voice (probably Rose Marie’s) says Safe, Sane and Consensual, as a reminder to everybody into this world. Do not forget to take precautions, do not go over the line and always take your partner into consideration.

The Pleasure of Pain

This is yet another interesting song from the band; it is actually a duet with Spiritual Front.  The instrumental part is simply amazing; the song includes a spoken male voice which I believe is taken from a 1960s American documentary, Perversion for Profit. These excerpts are very well chosen, I recommend it. But  I wouldn’t approach the documentary if I were you, it is simply laughable. It suggests that teenagers are perverted, coerced into lesbianism, homosexuality and SM by magazines with revealing pictures. Yeah, riiiiiight! 

She’s in love with a whip – My Venus in furs

(Velvet Underground cover)

Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather
Whiplash girlchild in the dark
Clubs and bells, your servant, don’t forsake him
Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart

Downy sins of streetlight fancies
Chase the costumes she shall wear
Ermine furs adorn the imperious
Severin, Severin awaits you there

I am tired, I am weary
I could sleep for a thousand years
A thousand dreams that would awake me
Different colors made of tears

Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather
Shiny leather in the dark
Tongue of thongs, the belt that does await you
Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart

Severin, Severin, speak so slightly
Severin, down on your bended knee
Taste the whip, in love not given lightly
Taste the whip, now plead for me

I am tired, I am weary
I could sleep for a thousand years
A thousand dreams that would awake me
Different colors made of tears

Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather
Whiplash girlchild in the dark
Severin, your servant comes in bells, please don’t forsake him
Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart

And yet again, do I really need to explain this one? It sends you right to Sacher-Masoch’s novel, “Venus in Furs”…

Let me show you all the secrets of the Torture Garden

I will lead you through the door,
with a pledge to be adored
let me show you who I am

I will dress you in constraints
with the promises of pain
let me show you what I can

I will tie you to a chair
kiss your neck and pull you hair
let me show you who I am

lace your feet and kiss your legs
fold your eyes and make you beg
let me show you who I am

kiss your face and touch your skin
I will slide my fingers in
let me show you what I can

I  will open up your eyes
I will show what’s inside
let me show you who I am

golden wine in sterling cup
I will have you drink it up
let me show you who I am

leave you on the floor
let you plead and beg for more
let me show you what I can

I absolutely adore this song! To me it represents a Domm(e)’s plegde to His/Her submissive in an extravagant, tempting, seductive way.

This concludes my ORE post, for now at least.  Check them out at:

Siguranta in BDSM – Partea I

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Eticheta in BDSM

Eticheta in BDSM se refera la respect si comunicare :

Respect: Negociati toate limitele si termenii (inclusive cuvintele si semnalele de siguranta) unei sedinte inainte de a incepe sa va jucati. Un cuvant (sau semnal) de siguranta – “safe word” – este folosit in jocul BDSM pentru a intrerupe jocul. Unii oameni folosesc verde (totul este bine), galben (diminuarea intensitatii sau oprirea temporara a jocului) , rosu (oprirea imediata a jocului). Acest sistem este folosit pentru protectia tuturor celor implicati. Respectati limitele si sentimentele celorlalti participanti la joc (si pe ale dumneavoastra) tot timpul.

Comunicare: Discutati despre placeri, nevoi, limitari fizice, experiente trecute, nevoi legate de sanatate, boli cu transmitere sexuala (BTS). Daca sunteti nesiguri de o activitate sexuala sau din cadrul BDSM, atunci incercati sa va abtineti pana in momentul in care veti fi invatat despre siguranta de catre o persoana mai experimentata. Discutiile intaresc intimitatea. Dumneavoastra si parterii dumneavostra va veti distra mai bine astfel!

Reducerea riscului in BDSM

BDSM-ul responsabil s-a referit mereu la existenta sigurantei; de aceea este importanta intelegerea riscurilor si minimizarea lor. Activitatile BDSM au fost clasificate cu risc redus de raspandire a virusului HIV, ceea ce inseamna ca putini oameni au contactat virusul in timpul practicilor BDSM, dar HIV nu este singura boala cu transmitere sexuala ce poate fi contactata; mai sunt alte cateva pericole asociate cu practicile BDSM.

Chiar daca totul a fost negociat, fiti pregatiti pentru o incheiere brusca a sedintei, avand mereu la indemana echipament de urgenta, cum ar fi o foarfeca de siguranta, un mic fierastrau pentru lanturi si catuse si o trusa de prim-ajutor.

Droguri si alcool

Daca va place BDSM-ul, fiti constienti de riscurile existente in cazul consumului de alcool si droguri. Acestea pot duce la activitati nesigure, pot intuneca judecata si scad viteza de reactie. Folosindu-le se poate reduce durerea fizica si se poate schimba nivelul energiei, precum si starea de spirit, dar cunoscand adevaratele limite ale durerii si placerii dumneavoastra constribuie la luarea unor decizii informate referitoare la ce doriti sa faceti si cat de departe vreti sa mergeti. Daca drogurile pe care le folositi inlatura capacitatea de a simti si de a reactiona la durere, va puteti provoca rani serioase, dumneavoastra sau partenerilor. Trebuie sa stiti daca ceea ce faceti este in concordanta cu ceea ce corpul poate suporta, altfel nu va veti putea da seama daca ceva a mers prost si nu veti putea opri jocul.

Folosirea acelor in comun, practica uzuala a celor care consuma substante stupefiante, poate duce la infectarea cu HIV sau hepatita.

Sanatatea sexuala

Oamenii au diferite niveluri de a intelege sanatatea sexuala. Nu presupuneti ca partenerul/partenerii dumneavostra isi cunosc toate elementele referitoare la aceasta, daca au sau nu boli cu transmitere sexuala, HIV sau hepatita. De asemenea, nu puteti cunoaste starea de sanatate a unei personae doar privind-o. Presupunerile referitoare la capacitatea sau dorinta unei persoane de a-si dezvalui starea de sanatate sunt numai presupuneri, in niciun caz protectie.

Ca in orice activitate sexuala, protectia (prezervative, manusi etc) este cheia, si este important sa va amintiti lucrurile de bun simt: acoperirea ranilor deschise cu bandaje si existenta unei truse de prim-ajutor in apropiere.


poate fi transmis de la o persoana la alta prin contactul cu oricare din urmatoarele lichide infectate:
– sange
– sperma
– secretii vaginale
– secretii ale mucoasei anale, vaginale sau cervicale

Pentru ca infectarea cu HIV sa aiba loc, lichidul infectat trebuie sa ia contact cu celulele susceptibile la HIV din sange, de obicei printr-o ruptura a pielii, absorbtie prin mucoasa sau printr-o discontinuitate a mucoasei. Mucoasele sunt suprafetele umede ale corpului, aflate in apropierea cavitatilor corporale si a unor organe, cum ar fi vaginul, uretra, peretele interior al preputului, rectul, gura, nasul, pleoapele.

Hepatita C

este una din infectiile cu virusul hepatic ce poate cauza leziuni ireversibile ficatului, dupa o perioada de mai multi ani de la infectare. Ca si HIV, se poate transmite prin contactul cu sange infectat. Spre deosebire de HIV, poate exista mult mai mult timp in afara corpului uman. Desi in majoritatea cazurilor se transmite prin folosirea acelorasi ustensile in consumul de droguri, poate fi contactat si prin lichidul seminal, vaginal sau mucoidal daca acesta contine sange, chiar si in cantitati microscopice.

Alte BTS: Avand alte boli cu transmitere sexuala, precum gonoreea, sifilis, herpes genital pot creste riscul de infectare cu HIV, chiar daca nu sunt vizibile simptomele acelei BTS. BTS-urile precum herpesul pot fi transmise prin simplul contact cu pielea umeda a celui infectat, pe cand altele, precum HIV necesita un contact mult mai intim.

Cele mai bune unelte pe care le avem pentru a reduce riscul de transmitere a acestor boli sunt folosirea prezervativelor, a manusilor chirurgicale si testarea regulata.

Rectul – este localizat la 2-4 cm de deschizatura anusului si are aproximativ 20 cm lungime. Introducerea unui obiect (deget, dildo, penis, pumn etc) poate duce la ruperea membranei rectului. Chiar si leziunile microscopice sunt locuri propice pentru infestarea cu HIV sau alte BTS. Ranile localizate in aceasta mucoasa sunt greu de observat. Daca aveti o taietura sau o rana pe deget, unghii lungi sau ascutite nu introduceti mana intr-un anus. Folositi intotdeauna manusi. Un dildo ce va fi introdus intr-un anus trebuie curatat in prealabil. Folositi mult lubrifiant pe baza de apa si fiti pregatiti sa mai aplicati in caz de nevoie.

Penisul – capatul penisului este o zona sensibila, protejata de 2 mucoase, una aflata la capatul uretrei si una pe peretele interior al preputului. Aceste doua zone, alaturi de oricare alte zgarieturi sau rani datorate oricaror cauza (chiar si a existentei unei BTS) pot duce la infectare.

Vaginul – partile interioare ale vaginului sunt mucoase, asa ca aveti grija cum va comportati in aceasta zona. E usor sa raniti, sa rupeti sau sa zgariati un vagin, asa ca este important ca acesta sa fie protejat cand este introdus ceva in el. Orice obiect introdus in vagin trebuie sa fie curat si sa nu aiba colturi sau margini ascutite. Vaginul poate fi ranit si in alte feluri: se pot zgaria partile interioare, se poate rupe pielea dintre vagin si rect, se poate rani tesutul dintre oasele pubice si/sau zgaria si taia in jurul deschizaturii uretrei.
Unele mucoase ale vaginului si cervixului pot absorbi in mod direct virusul HIV. Activitatile sexuale neprotejate cu un penis sau o “jucarie” necorespunzator curatata sunt activitati cu un grad ridicat de risc. In vagin se pot declansa si infectii in urma contactului cu fecalele.

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